The basic principle of our work

People whose lives are directly affected by hunger and poverty are not considered to be a problem, rather, those people play a key role in identifying, planning and realizing sustainable solutions. They themselves newly develop and shape their lives with their creativity, their skills, their resources and their decision-making power.

The Hunger Project:

  • mobilizes people at the grassroots level to build self-reliance
    The basic attitude of people who are affected by resignation and dependency has to be faced and changed. In many countries this is achieved by the Vision, Commitment and Action Workshop and the training of local development aid coaches who, on their part, motivate and organize the other villagers to become active themselves.

  • empowers women as key change agents
    For the most part women traditionally bear the main responsibility for the health of the family, education and food security of the children, and they often also provide a part of the household income. However, they have no access to the household income they have generated, they have no land rights and no participation in decision-making in the family or on economic or political boards. Therefore, empowering women in political, social and economic matters has the highest priority for the Hunger Project.

  • forges effective partnerships with local government
    An effective panel has to be created which enables the villagers to meet their basic needs and grants them access to the resources of the government they are rightfully entitled to.

Local people play a key role in conquering chronic hunger with their creativity, their potential and their own resources.

This is why the work in the developing countries is managed and carried out by fellow countrymen only.

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"During the last 20 years, I have met many employees and volunteers of The Hunger Project around the world. Their determination and 100% commitment is unique and has inspired me very much. It is an honor for me to be their partner for a hunger-free world. I could't invest my money any better."

Doris Ragettli, Flight Attendant, has been supporting THP for more than 20 years

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