THP programs


The work of the hunger project reaches 16 million people.

The basic principle of our work


People whose lives are directly affected by hunger and poverty are not considered to be a problem, rather, those people play a key role in identifying, planning and realizing sustainable solutions.


Epicenter Strategy in Africa


Starting in 1991 The Hunger Project has been working in partnership with people and leaders in East, West and Southern Africa and ever since then has developed a so called epicenter strategy, which is both cost-effective and easily transferable.

Microfinance program
as part of the Epicenter Strategy


The Microfinance Program is a training, savings and credit program that promotes the economic empowerment of women in Africa.


Empowerment of women in India


Empowering women in India in respect of their own potential for change has already achieved a great deal.

THP and Agenda 2030
A World Without Hunger is Possible!


One of the 17 goals that put people, our planet and our prosperity first is the call to end hunger worldwide by 2030.

Empowerment – Invest in People!