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Program and Partner Countries

The Hunger Project reached more than 16 million people in 12 countries of South Asia, Africa and Latin America in 2017 - Program Countries. It can be understood as an international movement of people who actively strive for the goal to overcome chronic malnutrition worldwide - Partner Countries.  

The Hunger Project works in all program countries exclusively with local leaders and development workers. See too the list of our global organizational and implementing partners. 

NGO Aid Map

The Hunger Project is proud to be a part of InterAction’s new NGO Aid Map. The NGO Aid Map aims to make publicly available data on international development and humanitarian response more accessible to everyone and pools together information on more than 2,900 projects from more than 85 organizations.

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"During the last 20 years, I have met many employees and volunteers of The Hunger Project around the world. Their determination and 100% commitment is unique and has inspired me very much. It is an honor for me to be their partner for a hunger-free world. I could't invest my money any better."

Doris Ragettli, Flight Attendant, has been supporting THP for more than 20 years

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