Despite recent political stability, low literacy and high poverty rates continue to threaten Mozambique’s development.

With 46% of its population living below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day, poverty remains widespread in the country, dependent primarily of subsistence agriculture. Around 15% of children five years old and younger are malnourished the average life expectancy at birth is just 53 years.

Located on the coast of Southern Africa, and bordered by Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Swaziland, Mozambique is a country with a population of 25.9 million. After five centuries of Portuguese colonization, Mozambique gained its independence in 1975. However, it was not until 1992 that the country experienced political stability.

In 2015/16, the biggest challenge for the Hunger Project in Mozambique was the drought caused by El Niño. In southern Africa, people experienced the worst drought in 35 years. People in rural areas who depend on agriculture were particularly affected.

Successes 2018

Thanks to your support of our epicenter strategy we have already achieved a lot in Mozambique!

In 2018, the Hunger Project Switzerland transferred CHF 119,143 to the Hunger Project in Mozambique for the independence of the Chokwe Epicenter.

Achieved self-assessment score: 85.24 of the required 80 points

  • 81% of smallholders use improved farm management practices
  • 54% of children under 5 sleep under a mosquito net
  • 84% of community members use at least one simple drinking water source
  • 78% of households have at least one household member who can read and write
  • 76% of community members know their HIV / AIDS status
  • 88% of individuals consult a health care provider for illness or undergo physical examination


Women's Empowerment Index (WEI) score: 57.68 out of 100 possible points

  • 100% of women receive pregnancy care
  • 94% of births are supervised by licensed nurses
  • 93% of women are screened at least four times by licensed nurses before birth


Interview with Mariarosa, Partner of the Microfinance Programme in Mozambique

Mariarosa shows us how she makes bricks. She mixes the sandy soil with the cement and adds water. The she fills the mold with the mixture. The content of the mold will be dried in the sun for a few days. The final bricks will be sold for CHF 1.80 each.

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"In the local VCA (Vision-Commitment-Action)-Workshops of THP, the majority of participants are women and they become empowered to lead their lifes independently, to take action and to influence their communities as self-responsible members. As such, they jointly find their own ways out of chronic hunger and external material dependence. THP joins this process locally, where the people are at home."

Therese Gerber-F├╝rst, Management Consultant, has been supporting THP for more than 10 years

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